Restoring the Light by Hannah Bradbury

Restoring the Light

By Hannah Bradbury

As I waddled across the sandy desert path at five am I looked longingly at the sky waiting for the sun to rise but to my disappointment it did not!  We were in the middle of a terrible war with the darkness and I am just a platypus trying to help.  The darkness is a horrible spreading cloud controlled by a sinister bat.  The darkness destroys the light and everything in it’s path.

On my way home I encountered a purple flower but this wasn’t just any purple flower this one sparkled brighter than any other in the field.  I picked it along with a few others and took them home.

I gave my mum the flowers and hid the special one behind my back.  I ran up to my room and opened the door that said ‘Bo’ in bright green bamboo.  As soon as I was in I slammed the door behind me.  I sat on my bed and sniffed the flower.  All of a sudden I had an awkward tingling feeling in my head.  I screamed in shock!  I opened my eyes and my door had come completely come off it’s hinges!  I ran outside and screamed again trying to test out my new found powers.  A tree fell down right in front of me!  The flower gave me the power to make “hypersonic” noises.

The light went out and I saw a shadow of a bat in the distance, then I heard a creepy voice…  “You think you can defeat me with your powers don’t you?”  I shot my “hypersonic” noise at him and the light came back.  I screamed with joy hoping I wouldn’t knock any trees down this time.  Nothing happened my powers were gone but I was still happy I had finished the darkness and I was a hero.