Should Animals Be Kept in Zoos? by Aditi

I think animals shouldn’t be locked in zoos.

In my opinion, I think that animals shouldn’t be locked in zoos because most of the animals are  big and need a lot of space. If they were locked in a zoo, they wouldn’t have a lot of space to move around. How would an animal feel locked up in a cage? It would have nothing to do just lying around. It would just become very plump and wrestless.

I truly believe that animals shouldn’t be locked in zoos because they have to know how to hunt (except for baby animals) for their own food. For example, if you were in a cage all day long you would eat food regularly. If a zoo had to shut down for any reason, all the animals will have to be set free in the wild. But before they are set free the zookeepers would have to teach the animals how to hunt for food and how to be a wild animal.

Another important consideration is the fact that some animals live in prides, like lions. If they are not together, they probably will have no company and they would miss their families. This would lead to sadness and emotional problems. Animals are far better off enjoying the company and support of their families in the wild. How would you feel torn away from your family?

I hope I have convinced you for a better future of animals. It is in their best interest not to live in captivity.