Haunted House for Sale! by Lucy Poole

Are you a witch? Are you looking for more room to cook little kids? Well, if you are, this is the PERFECT house for you!

This house has everything you need plus more. It has sixteen bedrooms so all your witch friendalings can sleep over. Every bedroom comes with an ensuite and pet ghost to snuggle up to at night. This haunted house is fit for a witch!

All the rooms are haunted and scary with plenty of space for toad-racing. It even has its own personal toad course with built-in lanes. Ninety nine percent of all witches want their house more frightening, so we made this house based on all that data.

Why not catch the child that was knick-knocking on your door 200 years ago in your black mouldy kitchen? Or challenge Hermione to a broomstick race around your house on your personal broomstick track?

This haunted house also has a built-in slime pool and a room for all your disguises.

So all those witches around the world come down to Double Witchfriendaling Street, Abracadabra, Australia, and check out this fantastic, mouldy house!

IMX Las Vegas by Tim Mason

Recently I returned from a magic convention, in Las Vegas, which lasted for a week and was designed to help me improve in my skill, technique and presentation.

One of my favourite moments was when I went up on stage with Jeff McBride (a very famous magician). He came out into the audience with a bucket and a wand and got me to tap on the bucket which made a ringing noise. We did this together all the way up to the stage. He then got me to face the audience and smile … as I was doing that he pretended to walk off stage (the audience were laughing loudly and I had no idea why). We both had a great time up on the stage and I will remember it forever.

Another one of my highlights was competing in the International Youth Magic Championships. I was third to perform on stage.

I got really excited and nervous before I went on stage. Anyway my performance went really well I was soooooooooo pleased. After my performance, when I was in the green room eating pizza, mum ran in and gave me a great big loving hug and said the act was an “11 out of 10.” I was really happy with that!!!!

The next day we went to the closing stage gala where they were going to announce the winner … and guess what … I WON!!!!.  Well I technically came second but there was no first place awarded so I won but I came second (confused yet?).

Unfortunately there was one lowlight … imagine being out on the Las Vegas strip on a 40 degree Celsius day, walking out in the sun for 3 hours with no protection!!! I wasn’t feeling so crash hot as you probably already guessed, I felt faint. Luckily just before I passed out the air conditioned hotel shuttle bus came. “Yesssss” I thought to myself as we got on a quickly as we could. I was feeling a bit better with the air conditioning blasting in my face, but instead of fainting I vomited. At least I felt better after I had vomited but still not a nice fun moment.

IMX Vegas was amazing and magical. Spending time with Mum was even better and I can’t believe how many great people and magicians I met.

The New Adventures of Super Frog by Mason

Little Frog had an invite for a birthday party by the pond. The time was 12:00 and it was today! He had to get ready. He got changed and his Mum took him to the pond. When he got there, he saw his friends and said “Hi’. He looked over and right there was a table. When they got called to eat, they all ate the food on the table. There were chips, pizza, sausages, drinks and bread.

After that they went for a swim in the pond. On the way to the pond his friend said he ate a lot. Little Frog was in the pond but he started to drown. He cried “Help, I’m sinking”. He knew that he had eaten too much but nobody was around!

Super Frog heard the yell so he flew to help. Super Frog saw Little Frog and pulled him out and Little Frog was saved! Little Frog said “Thank you Super Frog”.