The Temple at the End of the Cave by Bella

Lucy stormed in the door laughing hysterically, followed by Mia and Jess.

“Girls quieten down please!” yelled Lucy’s mum.

“Mum you’re not gonna believe what just happened! That was the most awesome adventure I have ever been on!” shouted Lucy.

“Explain everything to me girls” yawned Lucy’s mum.

We decided to go on a walk in the forest because apparently there are ghosts in there. We had a map from the start of the track. Jess was holding the map and told us to go left at the next turnoff. We walked down an extremely narrow path all tight together. We turned a few corners but something was wrong. On the map we were meant to go right but there was no right turn! After lots of arguing we decided to go left.

The second we turned let it felt as though the forest was haunted! It was ten times darker and we all seemed to have terrible headaches. Mia claimed that she saw a black figure at the end of the path but Jess and I didn’t believe her one bit. The thin path was becoming thinner and thinner. The forest trees loomed over us and scratched our eyes. The sky looked black and miserable.

As it started to rain we all ran faster. We could see this huge cave in front of us and we weren’t sure whether we should turn around or keep going. We reached the cave and walked inside. As we walked through the cave, beaming light stuck our eyes. We all stopped walking and looked at an old temple that was at the end of the cave.

Jess squealed “Let’s go in…come on guys it will be fun!” We agreed that we would all go in together. We walked up the dusty front steps and into the temple. There were spiders and bugs and we even saw a snake! We kept walking into the room next door and looked around. The walls had handprints all over them. The roof was cracked and the plaster on the walls was peeling off. Suddenly, we heard a loud scream from the room to the left. We all jumped and ran out the front entrance.

We faced the door and a figure wearing a black coat started screaming “GET OFF MY PROPERTY”. She or he said this over and over again. We ran as fast as we could all the way back to the start of the path that we were on. “RUN” screamed Jess. We tripped over all the stones on the ground, we were scratched by tree branches and we fell over but managed to pull each other up. Jess dropped the map on the way but didn’t dare to look back!

We ran down random paths and finally ended up on the track that we started at. A few metres ahead was the path that led right where we were meant to turn. We ran up a steep hill and out of the forest. Once we were out we could hear the mysterious figure saying “I will get you one day.” That same line was said over and over again until we couldn’t hear it anymore.

We started laughing like mad people but then we heard another loud scream that echoed through the forest. We sprinted back home and now here we are! huffed Lucy who had now lost her breath completely.

“How weird” said Lucy’s mum, “because when I was your age, the exact same incident happened to my friends and me when we were kids!”

“Anyway…how about you girls clean yourselves up and have a nice hot chocolate?”

The girls started to walk upstairs into Lucy’s bedroom when the doorbell rang. Lucy opened the door and the mysterious black figure was standing outside Lucy’s house!

“Ahhhhhh” roared Lucy, Mia and Jess.