Lonesome George by Tom, Grace & Willow

Far away on a green, mountainous island called Galapagos lived a playful but lonely tortoise called George. It was a beautiful island with lots of other animals including dolphins, goats, ducks, rabbits and monkeys but lonesome George had no one to play with because he was too slow.

George loved to swim in the water but the dolphins all said: “You’re too slow George.” George loved running along the sand when the rabbits and ducks had running races but they all said: “You’re too slow George”.  He loved climbing the mountains with the goats but the goats said: “You’re too slow George.”

Poor, lonesome George was feeling sad when one day he came across a crocodile on the beach. George walked slowly around the crocodile and the crocodile very slowly followed him. George thought to himself, “This crocodile is slow like me.”

“Can you play with me crocodile?” asked lonesome George. “Sure,” said the crocodile. “Let’s play chasey.”

George set off at his fastest speed (which wasn’t very fast at all.) At first the crocodile couldn’t catch him but the crocodile was tricking George. He suddenly ran very fast and quickly caught up to George. George was in trouble!

Meanwhile the island monkeys had been watching George and the Crocodile from high up in the trees. They decided the crocodile needed to be taught a lesson. They swung out of the trees squealing at the top of their voices and frightened the crocodile away.

George thanked the monkeys and as the sun went down, told them his sad story of being too slow for all the other animals on the island. The monkeys told George about another tortoise living on the other side of the island who was just as slow as George! They arranged to meet in the middle of the island and remain friends until this day.