Flip! So close! Just a few more times until I get it right! Showing my friends a backflip at school camp was so embarrassing when I landed flat on my face.

Flip! Finally! I landed on my feet! But why were my friends screaming? Had my pants fallen down? I looked down. A strange light was coming from … Then it hit me.

My pants were on fire!

One of my friends ran to the nearby lake with a bucket. He raced back with it full of water and he threw it at me. I was soaked, but the fire still shone. I was in a panic. Every fire alarm went off! All of the teachers rushed out, each with a fire extinguisher, and sprayed me. I was drenched. I nearly choked on the air from the carbon dioxide extinguishers.

I did more and more backflips to try to undo the process, but that only caused me to be totally enveloped by flames.

I ran like Usain Bolt and dived into the lake. Nearly half of the water in the lake evaporated, but I was still on fire! It was an inextinguishable fire.

For some reason, I didn’t see any burns on my skin. That calmed me down. Was I immune to heat and fire? I thought I was. Then one of my friends shouted, “Do a front flip!” I decided to try one. I landed on my back, but I kept trying.

Finally! I landed on my feet. I looked down. The fire was gone. Everyone around me cheered. I heard people say, “I’m telling everyone I know about this!” or, “The whole world is going to know about this!” I already felt famous, but I wanted to be humble.

I entered “Australia’s Got Talent”, and won! I had never felt so popular before. Scientists took me to their laboratory to perform research on me. They discovered radioactive material in all of my organs and muscles. They told me that I had accidently drunk some water with radioactive material mixed in it. (Don’t try that at home. I remembered being in pain for 10 hours last week and painkillers hadn’t worked!)

I discovered that I could do countless things with my fire skills and immunity to heat and fires. I helped the fire brigade rescue people from burning buildings, and fight bushfires. I also performed in circuses and talent shows worldwide. I had become world famous.

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