The Emerald Star by Molly Wigley

The Dome of Astronomy seemed to be covered in dust as it had been deserted for years. When the reporter stepped into the room, the place crumbled. All that was left was a shameful telescope and the ghosts of failure!

An eye peered through the telescope, recording the stars. The scientist had been working for 61 years in the Dome of Astronomy and he had made no discoveries. The Dome was a waste of space in the big city, so it was being closed down. Stars glistened like silver diamonds, shattered into a million pieces in space. There was the glowing source of light, the sun, planets and of course the moon. The scientist searched the sky for the last time, taking notes and filing them in a cabinet. Before he pulled the cover over the telescope, the man peered at it for the very last time.

“Space is painted black with dots of buff, circles of dusty red, swirls of shades and the fiery orange sphere”. This time however, one more colour was added to his description, ‘emerald’!

 The emerald star,

 Shined so bright.

Life wasn’t a failure for him, yet.

 The news struck. “A scientist discovers a green star!”

When the townspeople read the newspaper they threw it in the trash. “Rubbish, the old the old man is going mad!”

A young astronomer picked up the newspaper and read with curiosity. He went to his telescope and looked into the stars, no emerald star. He shook his head in dismay. “The old man has gone mad,” he exclaimed.

The ruins of the Dome of Astronomy were swept up by a cleaner. When the reporter walked out of the debris, he unleashed the ghosts of failure.

The eye looked into the telescope enchanted to non stop work on that lone emerald star. Suddenly, more appeared, not one but sixteen in a curved dotted line. Twenty four hours passed and another twenty four, little emerald stars dotted the sky. Another sixteen stars mirrored the other sixteen and eight made a small circle inside the elliptical oval shape. It was an eye! All of his astronomical beliefs came rushing back. The eye of space, wide seeking, he remembered from the astronomical guide.

Suddenly, two figures grabbed the scientist. “You’re too old and alone. We are taking you to your family. Say goodbye because you will never see this place again,” they said calmly.

The ghosts of failure rose to join the living that day as the man with a life changing case never closed it.

The world never changed, it could have, but life chose another door. The eye of the stars was still there but no human except the old scientist could accept it. They weren’t stars; they were the emeralds of belief!

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