The Clever Lion by Kai Sinclair (BARBADOS)

The below is a story from one of the clever students at Bay Primary, Barbados, with whom Edworks’ Directors Greg Nicholson & Prue Sobers have been working for the past three months.

There was once a planet called Cranus in a galaxy far, far away. No humans existed on this planet, but animals ruled with the same intelligence and wisdom. A mighty lion was feared by all animals big and small. His name was Brian. Yes, Brian! Don’t let his name fool you as Brian would eat an animal each and every day.

All the animals who weren’t cats knew that they were only safe when Brian had eaten for the day. Brian, never, ever lost a battle; he always had his meal. Despite this, Brian was a very friendly fellow before and after his meal.One day, after visiting his friend, Meowth the cat, Brian went hunting and came across a giraffe. As the giraffe was so tall, Brian had to go for his foot rather than his neck like usual. “Chomp!”“Owh!” the giraffe shouted. It turned around to see a lion biting on its leg with powerful jaws. “Hey, let go of me!” it demanded.“No, you are going to be my meal for the day.”

The giraffe managed to kick the Brian off and escape with only a limp. Each day, Brian tried again and again, but always failed. If only he could get up to its neck. A week past and poor Brian could not get his meal.The next day Brian met a wise monkey who apparently had watched each of his battles with the giraffe. “My name is Maney and I think I can help you beat that giraffe. But it’s going to cost you!” he said. With a serious look on his face, Brian asked, “Cost me what?”

“If you promise not to eat me, I’ll help you get your meal.”Brian smiled smugly. “I can only guarantee you five months,’ he said.“Perfect, then let’s get started. You seem to be having trouble killing that long necked creature, right?”Brian nodded.“Well, I can make something to allow you to get right up next to its neck. I’m going to need some time, though, so come back tomorrow.”The next day, an excited Brian visited Maney. He saw that he had made four tall poles. “What the heck is this?” he asked, confused.“They’re called stilts. They’ll allow you to be as tall as the giraffe’ Maney replied. “Just step on the foot holders and voila! You have your meal!”

“Well, okay. If this works, the deal is on.”He stepped onto the platforms and was soon off on his way to lunch. When he found the giraffe, he was as tall as its neck alright. The only problem though, was that he overbalanced whenever he leaned towards its neck. Not willing to give up, he decided his only chance was to jump off the stills just as he approached the giraffe’s neck.Brian maneuvered himself close to the giraffe. He licked his lips, took a deep breath and . . . jumped!


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