The Croc Attack by Kiara Thompson (BARBADOS)

The below is a story from one of the clever students at Bay Primary, Barbados, with whom Edworks’ Directors Greg Nicholson & Prue Sobers have been working for the past three months.

I went to the pier to do some fishing. I knew that there were some tasty fish just waiting to be caught. I hopped into my small boat and made my way down one of the rivers snaking through Kakadu. After an hour I caught a barramundi which looked just fine for lunch. I went back to the sand to set up camp for dinner. As I was about to hop off the boat a terrifying crocodile attacked me. It was at least 8 metres long and had huge rows of teeth ready to snap me in half. 

It lunged at the motor and almost bit it in two. I tried to move fast and find something, anything to poke it in the eye so that he would let go of the motor. As he submerged under the water, I got the motor going and sped off full throttle. I thought I was safe but just as quickly he rose out of the water once more.

I fell over almost tumbled out of the boat. I thought he would eat me this time! I could not think of anything else, but to grab a stick and poke it in the eye.

Finally, I saw a boat up river and yelled for help. They did not hear me. I was so frightened that I yelled even louder. This time someone turned around and saw me. They quickly sped to me and I scrambled onto their vessel. What a relief! I was safe once more.

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