The Devil Pirate by Donnia Austin (BARBADOS)

The below is a story from one of the clever students at Bay Primary, Barbados, with whom Edworks’ Directors Greg Nicholson & Prue Sobers have been working for the past three months.

The Devil was no ordinary devil! She was a pirate devil! Her ship was a grand vessel and she sailed the Caribbean. She loved to look for pirate treasure; the gold kind.

The Devil was angry. It had been months since she had come upon a ship or old treasure map floating in a bottle. She kept looking for the treasure day and night. As she walked along a deserted beach she saw it! X marked the spot! It was the mark of another pirate captain who had not survived to collect his plunder.

Immediately, the Devil got out her shovel and began digging. She was so happy she had finally found some treasure. The pulled out the trunk from the sand and rubbed her hands together as she thought of all the gold and diamonds that were soon hers. She slowly opened the lid. It was empty! She started to get mad and angry, when she realized that it wasn’t empty at all. It had one thing in it; it was a magic necklace!

The Devil held up the necklace and slowly placed it around her neck. She was suddenly thrust into the future. She landed with a thud. The Devil opened her eyes and there in front of her was gold; mountains of it! The Devil was so happy that she had found gold. She could not, however, keep the treasure as she had to share it among the poor children. She was happy that the poor were happy and she got to see the smiles on their faces as they had money to buy food and clothes.



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