Uncle Tom’s Hut – By Ishaan

It all started when Max was wandering through the forest. He was trying to find his Uncle Tom’s hut when he spotted it out of the corner of his eye. Max ran as fast as possible. He went to warn Tom of his mum’s suspicion that a war was about to occur. When he arrived, he realised he was too late. The hut was in flames, voices squealed in pain and two blood-shot eyes appeared from the middle of the fire. Max was woken from his dream with a start by the sound of gunshots, bumping his head on the ceiling.

He rushed downstairs to see his dad had been shot in the thigh. His mum knelt next to him. “Max”, she said, “go to the forest and stay at Uncle Tom’s hut, he’ll help you.” Banging sounds came from the front door. “Go through the back”, his mum said.

Max tip-toed through the back sneakily and broke into a sprint through the forest. As Max wandered around the forest he noticed dead troops laying scattered in bushes.

Max felt like a zombie had fed him with poison. Before that, it was worse than poison. He was standing in shock staring at a pile of ashes surrounding Uncle Tom. Anger rushed through his veins as glittering tears trickled down his cheeks. Max stormed through the forest, through an extremely dark cave. He kept walking until he tripped over a wire.

A blinding light turned on from Max’s left, with a tall, glimmering shadow appearing. Once the light dimmed, Max could see the man easily. He wore brown, shaggy clothes and looked extremely pale, like he hadn’t eaten for a month.

“Hello”, he said. “You can call me Uncle Tom.”

“Hi, I’m Max’, Max replied.

“Make a wish”, Uncle Tom said. “You’ll need it.”

Max thought for a long time. He thought about the war and his family. “I wish”, Max managed, “that the war never happened.

“Are you sure?” Tom asked.

“Yes”, Max said bravely.

Uncle Tom snapped his fingers and Max dozed off.

When Max woke up, light broke out onto his face. He pulled off the blankets and rushed downstairs. He sprinted into the kitchen. His mum as preparing hotdogs while his dad talked with a familiar pale man. Uncle Tom turned to Max and winked with a mischievous grin.


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One comment on “Uncle Tom’s Hut – By Ishaan

  1. Sunil on said:

    Excellent story.
    Good work Ishaan.

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