Lost in a Forest by Austin Luong

Lost in a Forest

By Austin Luong

I suddenly found myself in a forest clearing! Where was I? Tears stung my eyes. How could I get out of this place? The sun was bleeding out, so I had to go quickly. Already the moon’s faint glow was replacing the sun’s radiance.

Choosing the right path, without a shard of knowing, I walked on. After brushing through locks of foliage, I came to another clearing. I realised that it was already night-time, as the moonlight pierced through the thick trees. I started wondering where I was and how I got here, but no ideas came to mind. A slight rustling shook me from my reverie. Looking around, I noticed a pair of crimson eyes to my left! Yelping out of shock, I ran out of the clearing and back to where I appeared! Pulse thrumming my temples, I thought I heard a growling sound, so I ran through the frontal path.

After a few minutes of running, I came into a clearing with such thick flora that the canopy overhead had stolen the moonlight. The first object I noticed was an old, roofless, double story mansion. The whole abode was desolate and leached of colour, probably due to exposure from the elements. For some strange reason, I thought it would be best to go inside. I was very glad the door didn’t slam behind me, as that would have been horribly cliched and very frightening.

As my eyes became accustomed to the dim light of the moon, I noticed the antiquity style furniture and realised everything was in shades of black and white. The silence here helped calm my nerves down. I then decided to sit on one of the seats to further rest myself. The armchair was very firm, but the moment I managed to get comfortable, the whole chair crumbled to dust! What brittle furniture! After recovering from the shock, I had realised that the moon’s faint lustre had been replaced by a red glow! With a horrifyingly clear understanding, I knew I had triggered an alarm. I also became aware of the door closing and the sound of metallic clanking.

An automaton appeared, ridged, robotic and rusted. It looked a little like a sphere on legs. I let it clank towards me, which I soon realised was a mistake. When it made contact, I found myself being zapped to kingdom come! My eyes clouded over with tears, impeding me. With the macabre machine coming close again, I ran upstairs, the automaton hot on my heels. Once on the second floor, I realised this was an ill made decision, as it was impossible to escape now, as the machine was already upstairs and even though the house was roofless, I knew I couldn’t escape!

I slowly backed myself into a corner, all the while the machine coming closer and closer… Then suddenly, I heard the sound of large, beating wings and the absence of the red light, replaced with a strong white light. Suddenly, a gigantic winged horse flew through the canopy of trees, and swooped down next to me, as if offering me to climb on. The machine was very close, so I had no choice. The winged horse and I then flew up through the trees and into the horizon!


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