The Awesome Art of Alliteration by Noah & Ty


The Awesome Art of Alliteration

By Noah & Ty

Barry Brown had some bumpy, bonky, bubbly blisters bunching up on his buffy backside, sticking out like bushy broccoli. (By Noah)

Larry, the lethargic, ludicrous leprechaun leapt like Lily. (By Ty)

Sally, the silly, stressed seagull slid along the slimy, smelly stones and struggled to survive when she sank into the slippery seaweed. (By Noah)

Clare closed the case containing the cute clarinet. (By Ty)

Miraculously, the man mixed meringue like magic. (By Ty)

Simon, who wore silly socks, slipped suddenly on soot and landed on a slimy, shiny smelly, slippery centipede and spat out a smooth, slimy gram of saliva. (By Noah)

Robbie, the rowdy, raucous rooster annoyed the nervous, nauseous Nate with a continuous cacophony of crowing at the crack of dawn. (By Anon)

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One comment on “The Awesome Art of Alliteration by Noah & Ty

  1. Cathy on said:

    Love the loopy, linking language lads…laughing loudly!

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