Choosing the right school for your child

With the second term fast drawing to a close, many parents will have started giving serious thought to where their child will be attending school next year. Whether your son/daughter is starting prep, making the transition from primary to secondary school or simply switching institutions, there’s a host of factors likely to influence your decision. We’ve provided a shortlist of questions you will need to consider.

  • Is the school close enough to your home and/or work?
  • Does the school have programs in place to cater for your child’s needs and interests?
  • What facilities does the school have?
  • Are you comfortable with the feel of the school?
  • Is the staff supportive and welcoming?
  • What is the school’s stance on homework and discipline?
  • What other services (e.g. after-school care) does the school offer?
  • If your child has any special needs, can the school cater for them?
  • What are the annual fees? Are there any other costs to be paid over the course of the year?

Remember: It’s important you choose a school that complements your son/daughter. You don’t want your child feeling as though he/she is required to change considerably in order to ‘fit in’.

For a more comprehensive list of tips on choosing schools, see the Australian Scholarships Group’s article: Tip Sheet – How To Choose A School With Confidence.

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