Wat is won plus won?? by Lin

Wat is won plus won??

By Lin

Hi, my name is Max and I am the cleverest person in the school (considering that I’m only in prep). I always the get 100 per cent in all my tests and I do year nine maths and I sometimes teach the teacher a lesson! (For example: I taught her how much a half a pie is worth.) Sometimes helping others can get to really annoying, especially when the teacher and the students do not understand the question. Then they always have to ask me.  I don’t like this because then I end up not able to do my own work.

Today at home time, the teacher gave me a challenge, and on the piece of paper it said:

“To celebrate how smart you are, you will have to prove it. To do that, you have to solve this riddle:

Who am I…?”

Is it a ‘who am I’ question? Well this is going to be easy. But first, let’s read the rest of the riddle…

“Who am I…?

I might be red, or maybe green,
And sometimes, I am as blue as a stream.
It’s hard to see me in the day,
And it’s impossible to see me in the night.
And in the morning…
I strike!!
I eat live insects and maybe small animals,
But I do not belong to the mammals.
What can I be??
You’ll have to wait and see…
Until the first of August.”

Okay, now that’s a hard riddle. Is the ‘thing’ a colour-changing creature or does it come in different colours?? And I have to solve it in one week!! I have to hurry. Wait, if I solve this riddle, what I will get as a reward? So many questions to ask!! But first, I must hurry back home, finish my homework in a flash and start searching my brain for answers.

I am having the most HORRIBLE time of my life trying to solve this nearly impossible riddle!! Is there anything else written on the back of the piece of paper? And there is!! Now, what does it say…?

“This is a really hard question, but if you want to win a prize then you must follow the rules.

You MUST NOT use:

  • A computer
  • A book of any kind
  • Help from your parents or adult.
  • Any type of information source.
  • You MUST use –
    Your brain

If you know the answer, then please write if down on the dotted line below and give it to Mrs Daff.
You only get one chance.”

Is that not obvious?? Of course you have to use your brain, if you can’t use any type of information source. But this is one tough riddle. I wonder… does this ‘thing’ even exist? Is it just something to trick me? They can’t trick me; Mrs Daff is the year six teacher!! If the riddle was for year six, then the answer should not be ‘there is no such thing’. Instead, it should be a name of a creature. Oh, at this rate, I will NEVER solve this riddle.

Maybe I should go to the canteen tomorrow and buy some ‘smart ice-cream’. Some people say it’s a fake, but some think it’s true and have brought some, eaten it AND their grades have improved!! Tomorrow, I will bring $2.00 and buy myself some ‘smart ice-cream’!!
Now it is lunch time at school and the queue is SO LONG!! Ah well… the good things come to those who wait.

“Hey Max, do you want some ice-cream??”

Who was that?? I looked around and there in line near the start of the line was the school bully, Billy!! Is he going to help me buy ‘smart ice-cream’, or is it just a fib and he is going to give me ‘dumb ice-cream’? This is just sooo weird! But I took a big breath and asked, “Yes I do, can you please buy me some ‘smart ice-cream with my money?”

“Of course!! Here give me your money and you will have your ice-cream in no time!!” said Billy with a smile. I was sooo glad that someone will help me cut the queue!! “Here’s your ice-cream Max, enjoy!”

Dis is the next day. Today is our mats test. I tink I wuill do ear won mats. It’s a real hard question. It’s won plus won.

And my answer to de widdle is ‘no such thing’.

Now it is first of Augest and de real answer to de widdle is ‘I am a lizard’

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  1. seo india on said:

    is your website supported on safari browser.because i tried using it through safari but the sidebar goes out of the page.

  2. immy on said:

    I bet it’s like an iguanna or a lizard!

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