Mr Waffle by Anthea


Mr. Waffle was a very peculiar man! His favourite food was jelly. Everyone thought it was rather strange because his wife was Mrs. Jelly and her favourite food was waffles. One day, Mr Waffle went and did some exercises down at the park. He tried to balance on a log, but he fell down into some smelly garbage.

Mrs. Jelly was waiting at home for Mr. Waffle because there was a special parcel that was rather large for him. When he got home he had to have a wash before he opened the parcel. After that, he sat down next to Mrs. Jelly then opened it.

Inside were two tickets, a box of chocolates, a 10 thousand dollar gift voucher and a CD player. They had won an amazing prize pack to America! The tickets were to a wonder park called Ice-cream Land!

Oh no! That was their least favourite food and where Mrs. Strawberry and Mr. Apple lived. They are the cheekiest and naughtiest people ever!

Poor Mr. Waffle and Mrs. Jelly had to go, or it was a waste!

The End…
Next… Mr. Waffle’s Holiday!

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One comment on “Mr Waffle by Anthea

  1. Greg on said:

    Great to see that your story made its way onto our blog! The young ones love Mr. Waffle and can’t wait to hear what they get up to next in Ice-cream Land! keep up the terrific work! Greg

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