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New York! What a city!! Burgers, fries, soda, candy, cool and crazy people and animals!! We’ve moved into an apartment in Upper Manhattan, sharing with some locals. Everyone lives in apartments, drinks coffee and walks their dog around the streets and parks. People love their dogs here!

The weather is hot and humid and the lush, green parks are a relief from the heat. On really hot days the fire hydrants are turned on and huge jets of water explode over the pavement and streets for people to run under to cool off. The local children love it!

We’ve seen some cute and not so cute animals here. Squirrels are common in parks and are constantly running up and down trees searching for food, all day long. We’ve also spied a family of raccoons in central park, cute but apparently aggressive, so we kept our distance! The not so cute animals are the local rats! In train stations, on the pavement, outside our apartment!! They’re everywhere! I thought one was a squirrel, it was that big! Maybe they head to New York for the summer! Luckily, I’m not terrified of rats like some of my friends!

We don’t have a dog in our apartment, however we have a beautiful, fluffy cat with a personality like ‘Sylvester the Cat’ (naughty!). She’s lovely when her owner’s around and when he’s away her claws come out to play! The owner never sees, so he doesn’t believe it! She definitely should have been called Sylvester!

Hope you’re keeping warm in Australia!

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3 comments on “NYC Animals by Heather

  1. Wendy Kershaw on said:

    Hi Heather and Dallas. Life in NY sounds wonderful. We are all very envious here. We have had a brief respite this wek from the really cold horrible weather but it isn’t going to last. I miss our Thursday nights tutoring and the kids ask after you. Are you working yet or are you both just enjoying soaking up the atmosphere? Keep having fun. Cheers Wendy

  2. Hi Heather, it’s great hearing about your adventures in “The Big Apple”. All we usually think of when New York is mentioned are skyscrapers, nightlife and crowded streets. Thanks for giving us a different perspective. I’ve recommended your blog to a few of the animal lovers at Edworks. Cathy

  3. glenn nicholson on said:

    yo heather
    are you famous yet?i think i saw you on Seinfeld the other night.have you met anyone famous yet…like elvis or michael jackson?
    ciao ciao glenn

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