The Great Escape by Joe


Evanlyn woke to a gentle hand. She looked up, knowing what was going to happen next. She saw Will’s dark brown eyes and handsome face. ”It’s time to go”, Will said softly. He had been up most of the night preparing their escape. “I stole some bread and butter and three casks of water. It should last us through the journey.” He yawned softly. He had been up a majority of the night destroying all except one of the boats. Inside the shack she heard a Skandian cough. If he woke the others they would surely be doomed. They launched the boat, took one last look at their island prison, and then they were gone.

Halt was watching Horace fight with curiosity. He truly was a spectacular swordsman. He watched him disarm and concuss yet another thug. Halt walked over and took the thug’s helmet off. He was rather ugly, with his black eye and blood nose. ”Death or life?” Halt asked the thug. “Life please! I have a family! I swear I will not do it again. Please!”

“Fine. But if I hear of you again there will be no choice”, Halt said with a dangerous tone.

“Thankyou. You truly are a kind man, I…”

“Shut it!” shouted Halt.

“Sorry, sorry.”

As Halt and Horace left the pleading man behind, they once again continued on their quest to find their friends.

Will lay back, relieved. They had made it out of the perilous summer current and heading straight to Celtica. Evanlyn was trying to adjust the angle of their tiny boat. Will guessed they would strike land by midday the next day. From here they would travel to their homeland, Araluen.

Halt thought they could take a shortcut through the frozen sea. They would stop off at a tiny refuge island called Halloshom. Halloshom was a barren place, with only two buildings and a handful of trees. But it was always well stocked with food. They were running low on provisions anyway. They soon found a little dock, where they got on a small dinghy boat. They set sail, not knowing their best friends were heading straight for them.

The first sign of trouble appeared only a few moments before it came. Will could see vague traces of red in the water, and there was smoke in the sky. Evanlyn, being a commoner, didn’t notice the differences. Will’s keen rangers eyes could see even the most intricate features. It was not long until they saw the pirate ship loom over the small merchant ship and begin to board them. Will, being Will, immediately rowed right up to the two ships. He climbed aboard the merchant ship and attacked one of the pirates viciously with his dagger. Another pirate latched on to Will, but then an arrow protruded from the pirate’s chest. Will looked up, surprised. He looked in the direction the arrow came from, and there, in the smoke was Halt.

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