Tiny’s Adventures by Livia


Once, at the zoo, a baby elephant went for an adventure at night. He wanted to see his friends. First, Tiny went to the giraffe’s home. The elephant said, ‘Let’s play chasey?’

‘OK!’ said the giraffe.

The two had a fun time playing together. But the elephant had to go as he had more fun waiting for him. He said goodbye and left.

And Tiny then saw the platypus’ house, so he went in the house of Pip the Platypus.

‘Hi, Pip!’


‘I want to play SPLASH with you.’

‘Okay, let’s go splash!’

The two ran around in the mud and jumped in and out of lots of muddy puddles and pools of water.

‘Oh, no! I have to go! Goodbye, Pip!’ said Tiny.

As Tiny left he looked down and saw that he was covered in thick mud from head to toe.

‘Now I have to go and have a shower … and I know just the place!’ said the baby elephant.

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2 comments on “Tiny’s Adventures by Livia

  1. What a delightful little story Livia, congratulations. The picture of the baby elephant is my favourite of all the pictures in the Edworks story box.

  2. Patrick Skater on said:

    Just look at the joy. All baby lives share one thing…the potential for happiness. Let’s protect all the children and other infants of the world. They carry so much beauty!

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