Animal Cruelty by Erika

Being offended by the use of animal fur as clothing is not an overreaction. We should understand that most Western countries treat dogs as one of their beloved family members. Dogs, like all other animals, are living things. Humans, depending on their culture, can treat dogs in very different ways. In Australia, we cuddle them, however in China, they eat them.

Within the Chinese culture, people eat a wide variety of animals and insects which many countries may find offensive. On the other hand, Western societies eat animals, such as cows, in burgers, in spaghetti bolognese or as steak. This could equally offend countries like India, where the cow is revered as a holy animal. Australians have no right to say that the Chinese should not eat dogs when we, ourselves, eat our own national symbol, the kangaroo.

In Australia, we slaughter animals in a humane way, unlike in China, where many animals suffer unnecessarily. The Chinese skin dogs alive, causing them to suffer. The fur-based products are then labeled incorrectly by Chinese industries, where they place labels indicating the fur is from rabbits, when it is derived from dogs. The result
is  that consumers may misunderstand what they are buying. I am certain that if they were forced to label the fur correctly, not many Australians would want to purchase these items. In fact, if the products were labelled correctly, I am sure the importation of clothes with dog fur into Australia would stop entirely, because most Australians treat their dog as part of their family. No one would want to think that these animals have died a cruel and unnecessary death just to make a collar for a coat.

We should be aware that dogs and other animals do not deserve to be slaughtered inhumanely. We do not have the right say what people may or may not eat, but we have the right to blame them for skinning and torturing animals, and mislabeling products.


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