My Family by Julia


Laughter, tears, anger, love: such are the emotions that make up my family. Happy times and sad times, we’ve been though it all together. Together we’re wonderful; with one member absent it would not make any sense.

I know that both my parents sacrifice many things for me, from time to money. After hours of tiring work, they have no time to rest; and they pick me up from school and take me to the other side of the city for an activity every week. They never complain; never a word, though they do often mention about me getting a driver’s licence in the near future. The day I got the horrible flu, I couldn’t take a step out of my bed; it was also a special day for my mum. One of her work friends was retiring. I told her to go and farewell him, but my mum refused and made me thick, hot pumpkin soup. The soup somehow seemed to taste better than usual; made with love. My dad also sacrificed his only holiday by staying at home with my dog to send me and my mum to Japan. He said he was fine, but I knew somewhere deep inside he was disappointed. I love him for his unselfishness.

When our dog, Rocky, died in 2006, we cried for hours and hours. The next day we were able to collect ourselves, smile and wish him the best. He was a Boxer. He did look a little scary, but was kind and caring. His fur was prickly, coloured in different shades of brown. He was recognisable by his white socks on his front feet and a perfect diamond shaped mark on the back of his neck. He was like a big brother to me, he was a great influence in my life. Rocky taught me to love and care or animals. Happy times, he would come and cheer me up, he often snatched all of my lollies and have me chase him around. In sad times he would watch me through the window, with a worried expression. It seemed that I could talk to him sometimes, when I felt lonely, he was my treasure. He was our precious family member. Over 15 years living with my parents we know each other from the bottom of our hearts.

My family follows the Japanese culture. When I was little, they imported a huge, heavy, handmade doll collection from Japan. This was to be displayed in our house for a few weeks in June for girl’s day. Six dolls in perfect condition for over 15 years. Each one hand made by professionals. Layers of special clothes on the doll, the princess wearing the bright red kimono, and the prince wearing the royal blue hakama. Eyes, lips, and many details had been carefully hand drawn onto the dolls. Each year my dad carefully wraps them and packs them away until next year. These dolls are supposed to be with me till I get married.

My parents send me to Japan for me to celebrate Christmas and new year’s with my family in Japan. My mum, dad and I have not spent Christmas together for many years because they have to stay in Australia for work.

They cook me traditional Japanese food and celebrate festivals with me every year. My favourite Japanese food is the sushi. Though I don’t eat seafood, I especially love the ones my dad makes for me with avocado and carrot. The rice with a little bit of vinegar soaked in and the delicious fresh vegetables are a great match, it is my favourite.

We do argue. Then I have to listen to my mum’s lectures, but I know that it’s because she cares about me. My family has taught me right from wrong. Everyday we’ll be laughing at something stupid. My family delivers smiles and happiness to me every day and everywhere. We are a family; we will support and love each other no matter what … forever. I hope this close relationship between us will pass on to the future generations.

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2 comments on “My Family by Julia

  1. A beautiful story Julia. I really enjoyed reading about your beautiful family. I especially enjoyed reading about the dolls, what a lovely tradition. Well done. Cathy.

  2. glenn nicholson on said:

    julia..what a great family ..what a great story ..i too enjoyed finding about the doll custom..can’t wait for your next story cheers glenn

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