Right attitude equals improved performance

When I started Edworks more than 20 years ago, I did so in the knowledge that fostering the right attitude in our students would be vital to their successes — not only academically, but in the wider world, too. As a psychologist and prep teacher with a decade’s experience, I saw the value in establishing a positive, resilient and pro-active mindset in children from an early age. This ethos became the foundation of Edworks.

It was no surprise, then, to see the same philosophy advocated in The Age article, ‘Good behaviour fine for a spell’. It discusses research by Michael Bernard from the University of Melbourne, which found integrating positive attitudes and behaviour for learning into literacy lessons results in significant improvements.

Bernard explains that while it is a common misperception that academic learning, and social and emotional learning are separate entities, they are in fact strongly linked and should be taught in tandem. The latter, despite what some believe, are not innate — like literacy skills, they are learned.

As our students will attest, Edworks places as much emphasis on teaching students how to learn as we do on what they learn. For us, there is nothing more important than instilling confidence in a child, teaching them to persevere and fostering their ability to work as a team. It is only when these social and emotional skills are learned, and in turn the right attitude is adopted, that a child’s academic potential can be realised.

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