Istanbul Scare by Wen

Istanbul, Turkey, is a prosperous city where old meets new and religion prevails above all. Istanbul is known for its famous domed cathedrals and mountainous landscape. It is a peaceful city, where crime is rare; that was until the terrorist organisation, Angry Boys, surfaced and ruined Istanbul’s reputation as a safe city…

The terrorist organisation, Angry Boys, had first come to light in London, founded in early 2012. They are a large organization with chapters spanning from London to Sydney and enough illegal weapons to take on an army. President of the London chapter, Ralph Smith, surveyed the weapons with grim satisfaction. Angry Boys was already a large organisation, but in September 2012, they expanded and added a Turkish chapter of extremists in Istanbul. That’s when the bloodshed would erupt all around Istanbul, starting with the leader of Turkey and all of his advisors.

To set the gears of their plan in motion, Angry Boys’ London Chapter, President Ralph Smith, ordered the shipment of illegal explosives to Turkey. These were to be smuggled in via air mail in wine glass boxes and were to be picked up from a warehouse in Istanbul, where they would be stored. The explosives were to be used to take out the leader of Turkey whose ideas Angry Boys strongly opposed. This was Angry Boys’ gig on the big stage, their chance to make a distinct impression on Turkey and the world. This was their moment.

It took 10 seconds for the security guard to realise something was up. People don’t usually come to government warehouses in the middle of the day armed with a gun. They don’t then ask to look in 20 boxes of wine glasses, shipped out of London the day before. The man who had come to the warehouse was indeed an Angry Boys operative who had journeyed to pick up the explosives for the attack on Istanbul. The guard didn’t cooperate, so the man just sighed, flicked the safety off the pistol and shot him. He then proceeded to load the wine glass boxes onto the back of a beaten up ute and drive back to the Angry Boys Istanbul HQ.

The bombs had been planted at various places all around Istanbul, just enough explosives to kill a few people at a time; not a whole city. One was in the government offices and the rest were in densely populated places around the city. In exactly one hour, Istanbul would feel the wrath of the Angry Boys.

At exactly 1:00 pm on the 22nd of September, seven bombs exploded around Istanbul and caused multiple casualties – 4567 to be exact.


The Angry Boys were uncovered to have planned the attack but the London Chapter, President Ralph Smith, had already fled to Jamaica. In the future, however, the police are optimistic that the Angry Boys will not be planning anymore attacks as some of the key figures in their organisation were arrested after the Istanbul bombing.

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