Tree House of Doom by Wen

This is a terrific story Wen submitted for the Andy Griffiths writing competition.

Tree House of Doom
By Wen

“I can’t believe the Tree House of Doom is finally here!” squealed Joe to his friend, Ben.

Joe was indeed right; the Tree House of Doom was in fact the largest attraction ever built in a small theme park such as Luna Park. Even Disneyland had not seen the likes of it in its long and colourful history, and yet, Luna Park had the best ride in the world.

Since the ride was popular and the staff at Luna Park were not even remotely able to cope with the numbers who wanted to experience the ride, a waiting list policy was enforced. Joe and Ben had been among the first people to reserve their spots on the attraction and therefore were going to experience the attraction tomorrow!!

“Apparently, you start in a haunted tree house and you get to sit in a carriage which follows all these vines to other tree houses where fake monsters try to scare you and some of the vines the carriage follows have really steep drops!” Joe explained to Ben.

“I even heard the last drop is over 20 metres!” exclaimed Ben. “The Tree house of Doom is going to be the best ride ever!”

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