Forest Rescue by Daniel Cossari

Forest Rescue
By Daniel Cossari 

One day a man called Dave was eating lunch with his family.  Once Dave finished lunch he gazed through the window.  He then said “Today I feel like going to any forest.” He got his things and got in the car.  He drove past cars, houses, lights, builders, buses and trucks.  When he passed through a tunnel he saw a forest. Dave parked his car near a big shop.

He then ran over to the forest. There was a forest tour but it was not that long. Dave ran near a big bush. Dave jumped over a tall fence and walked into the deepest part of the forest. There were birds, bears, wolves, wombats and some bugs.

Then something shook like an earthquake. This big razor saw was shooting like a star and it cut down all of the trees. Dave could just watch as the trees slammed down on the plants. It got very dangerous so Dave just ran forward down a big hill. It was not long before Dave realised that he made a big mistake and was now lost. Dave thought he could just call a rescue team, but the thing that was bothering him was if he called a rescue team he would end up in jail.

Dave was going to take a big risk. He called 000974139210975. Then the phone rang. No one was there so Dave just left a message. He saw a piece of paper, so Dave picked it up. It was sort of like that big saw he found cutting the trees. He just put it away in his pocket.

After one hour of walking, his phone rang. Dave picked it up and it was the rescue team.  Dave told the rescue team his location. The rescue team knew there were some long and dangerous rivers in the forest so they were worried about Dave. Dave sat down on some trees and looked up and he saw a yellow and red helicopter flying over the forest looking for Dave. Then suddenly some trees fell down. Dave ran as fast as he could and he then found a river. Dave saw the helicopter come down next to him. The helicopter sounded like an aeroplane and the blades almost pushed him into the river.

“Are you OK Dave?” asked the Driver.

“Yes I am!” answered Dave.

Dave then hopped in and walked to the back of the helicopter with seven other rescuers sitting on a box. He had some coffee and when he was finished, half of the helicopter was cut off!  Dave saw the driver fall down and hit a sharp tree branch then he got cut in half. The rescuers got a boat and lifejackets and they jumped in the boat with Dave. They dropped down and made water come out of the river. They kept on paddling down the river for a long time, some waves came and Dave saw some animals too. Then a bear saw them and pushed a tree down. Dave and the rescue team paddled very fast and missed the falling tree.

They then took a break but a big wave came crushing down and they went down a big waterfall. Dave was trying to block him and the rescue team from the sharp branches (like the one that cut the driver). Dave then saw some rocks fall down. Sadly some of the rescuers got hit by the rocks and some got cut by the branches.

Dave and one of the rescuers were the only ones left on the boat. The rescuer and Dave saw some green trees that they could jump down on. Dave jumped down first. Dave landed safely on a green tree then the rescuer jumped down, but he fell into the waterfall and got badly hurt. Dave got the rescuer’s hand and helped him up. The rescuer got his phone and called a helicopter and it came in ten minutes. They both got in the helicopter and took Dave home.

When Dave got home he wanted to say thank you to the rescuer but the Driver said “The rescuer died in the helicopter because of his injury.” Dave felt sad that the rescuer died but he was happy to be with his family.

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2 comments on “Forest Rescue by Daniel Cossari

  1. glenn nicholson on said:

    Hey Daniel What a great story..I rang that number and the guy said that he was a friend of Bear Grylls…very strange…looking forward to your next one…cheers Glenn

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