The 2011 Grand Final by Dean Moraitis

Sports Reporter, Dean Moraitis, gives us a comprehensive and objective report of the 2011 Grand Final. I think you’ll agree, Dean writes with real personality and is passionate about the game!  

The 2011 Grand Final

Before the game, everyone started to arrive at the MCG for the AFL Grand Final for 2011. It was a sell-out, which means the MCG was full of people and there were NO SEATS LEFT!!! The two teams playing were Collingwood and Geelong. The coaches were Chris Scott (Geelong) and Mick Malthouse (Collingwood).

The Match

The game got under way and Geelong kicked the first goal in the AFL Grand Final for 2011. In the second quarter, Collingwood kicked a couple of goals to get back the lead but Geelong hit back with a couple of goals to lead at the half-time break. Geelong was winning by two points. This was a great first two quarters in the Grand Final for 2011.

The third quarter got under way and Collingwood kicked the first two goals to get back the lead but Geelong kicked a couple of goals to peg back the lead at three-quarter- time. The fourth quarter got under way; Geelong kicked eight goals in the quarter. Collingwood didn’t score a goal; they only kicked three or four points. And that was it! Geelong won the Grand Final for 2011, a great Grand Final to watch.

After the Game

After the Grand Final, the crowd stayed to watch the presentation. The two coaches made a speech about the Grand Final and they thanked both teams on a good match. The Auskick players presented the medals to the winning team, Geelong. After that, Chris Scott and Cameron Ling got the cup presented by an old Geelong player.

Then the Geelong supporters went crazy when they got the cup and all the players were partying and going around to the supporters to give autographs, pictures with people, showing the crowd the cup etc.

That’s the end of a magnificent AFL season, all the teams did their best and all the players should be happy about how they have played the season. I hope they do well next year.


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