Thailand by Sarah Perillo

Thailand is a great cultural experience for a family holiday. In Bangkok you definitely need to go to the temple where the royal family visit. When we went inside the temple there were monks meditating. Some rules to be careful about with monks are:

  •  No pointing your feet at them
  •  No touching the monks
  •  No photos

My family made sure we didn’t break any of those rules.

Inside the royal temple everything is gold, ruby, sapphire or emerald. In Thailand everyone respects the royal family. There are posters of them everywhere and paintings.

In Phuket when we went out for dinner we passed an elephant! Her name was Narnia. Narnia was a little baby elephant. She loved to eat bananas! We fed Narnia bananas which cost 20 Bart. That’s about 35 cents in Australian money. My mum, dad, brother and I had a picture taken with the elephant. I’d never met an elephant before so it was really exciting!

Thailand is famous for their tuk-tuks but watch out because not every driver is trustworthy. Also beware in Bangkok for ‘pickpocketers’.

My family and I just caught the boat from our hotel to the main streets, when a guy came up to us and explained how he was a ‘police’, that he spoke English and that he knew the fastest way to get to MBK. MBK is a massive shopping centre with markets inside. The so called ‘police’ told us that the fastest way was to go on a tuk-tuk. We followed his instruction and told the driver where we wanted to go.

The driver took us to a suit shop that we had never seen before. My mum knew this wasn’t safe so we caught a taxi to MBK. Before the taxi took off the tuk-tuk driver was talking to the taxi driver. On our way to the MBK centre my dad asked the taxi ‘how long?’ He turned around stared at me and gave me this creepy laugh that sent a shiver running down my spine. We jumped out of the taxi! The engine was still running, but we didn’t care! We just wanted to get out!

After all that drama we just took another taxi back to our hotel, we had enough!

So the lesson is to have a great time, but just beware!

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