Ooboo the Elephant and the Waterfall by Alessandra

Ooboo the Elephant and the Waterfall
By Alessandra

One very hot day there was a family of elephants. The two kids were called Ooboo and Marlie. Ooboo was cute and playful. Marlie was fun but a bossy big sister.

They were playing happily when suddenly they bumped into a waterfall. They started swimming and playing in it. It was so much fun.

Their Mum and Dad came looking for them. They found them at the waterfall.

“Oh no, we’re in trouble Ooboo” said Marlie. “Sorry Mum” said Marlie.

Mum broke into a big smile. “Why are you smiling Mum?” asked Ooboo. Mum said “Let’s play water tiggy…yippee!” They all joined in.

Now, every hot day, they all go back to the waterfall to play.


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