My Near UFO Experience by Alex Aloschi

My Near UFO Experience
By Alex Aloschi

BOOM!!! Billy is a 56 year old retired person, who lives in Arizona. Billy’s hobby is adventure and he loves exercising. One morning, he woke up at 2 AM from a big noise, but in Arizona it is very quiet!

Billy quickly got out of bed, feeling scared and in a fright. He quickly got changed and took his torch outside. He smelt something like a burnt chicken.

Billy had walked outside of his house and was walking into ‘The Local Forest of Arizona,’ with that mysterious smell of the burnt chicken coming and going. When Billy had walked two kilometres on his little investigative adventure, he shone his torch and found some scraps of metal just lying there. But when Billy had taken this forest walk before, he had never seen those scraps of metal lying on the ground.  He suddenly felt a bit puzzled, but also weird finding those bits of metal.

When Billy got closer to the objects he noticed the weird smell had changed to an off bagel, like he had had the other day. Billy was puzzled, what was going on?

With Billy walking for another 30 minutes finding bits of objects sparkling on the ground, it looked like someone had dropped their computer or a portable object that had BLOWN UP! It also could have been a power pole (electricity pole) falling down, but that would be a bit doubtful. “Anything could happen”, thought Billy. “And before dawn comes I’d better hurry up; I should get a wriggle on!”

He walked for another five minutes thinking of other things that could have happened. Maybe it was a UFO, or maybe it was a BBQ or an on-going party in the forest, anything could have happened!

Billy walked for a further five minutes, shining his torch over a HUGE silver object, yet he walked another 75 metres and saw a round object. Billy said to himself “Wait … is that a UFO?” He walked around it and yes, it was a UFO!

He then looked for the redundant door but with a lot of metal scraped off, Billy was struggling to find that door. Walking around the UFO was like doing the local marathon, held a few weeks ago.

Billy had been unsuccessful in finding the UFO’s opening door. He clapped his hands and said, “Well it looks like I’m done here.’’ Then, as soon as Billy clapped his hands, a big noise was heard. He rushed around to the other side of the UFO, where the doors were unfolding slowly. Billy was pumped and ready to see what was inside the UFO. He then rushed up the UFO stairs. Billy got up those stairs faster than a tiger. He was led into a hallway scrolling through the UFO.

When Billy was done searching and investigating, he was confused to see what was REALLY HAPPENING! When he finished investigating he searched for some great stuff on the way home. After he had found A LOT of great stuff to take home and use, he put them in a sack.

He quickly hurried down the stairs before those spooky and weird aliens came back. If he could run back quickly and not be seen, he might just get back at 5:00 AM before colours (sunrise).

Billy got back at 5:08 AM. He changed into his pyjamas and went back to sleep for two and a half hours.

When Billy woke up, he got changed into his daily clothes without smelling either the chicken or the off bagel. Billy got on his quad bike and he searched along the trail. He went to find the UFO. He found the metal bits, but no luck, he didn’t find the UFO.

He then clapped his hands and laughed, but nothing happened!

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One comment on “My Near UFO Experience by Alex Aloschi

  1. wooow alex…this is fantastic…burnt bagel…are you sure they didnt come looking for some of your mum’s cooking?say hi to your mum from me…i loved it.. congratulations…i haven’t stopped clapping my hands…and you’re right…nothing happens!!

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