Why My Family is the Best by Bassel

Why My Family is the Best
By Bassel

My family is the best for many reasons, like supporting and looking after me. I have four wonderful people in my family. They will do anything for me, even if it includes dying.

Firstly, my mum, Ebtesam, cooks the best food for me with the most awesome herbs and spices. She cleans up after me. Even if she is exhausted and I want something, she will do it, no matter what it is. She will play with me even if she doesn’t enjoy it.

My sister, Yasmeen, takes me out to places she doesn’t want to go, like the footy.  When we go to the footy she barracks for Essendon for me. She would do anything to see me smile. She is always telling me how much she loves me. She is the best sister you could ask for.

My dad, Asem, is the most supportive person I know. He supports me in everything I do. My dad buys me lots of toys and games, which I earn. My dad plays tennis or PS3 with me every day and gives me lots of surprises.

My brother, Faisal, takes me to my favourite places. He takes me to the cinemas, the Melbourne Show and many more places I love. When he does take me out, he always buys me something no matter how much it is, which can sometimes be a problem. He also lends me lots of his stuff.

This is why I love my family. They’re perfect. I am so happy to have a family like this. I have the best family I could ask for. Even when my family buys me toys, they’re the best, because the love me.


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  1. akshara on said:

    that’s very nice to say that about your family

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