What is the best way to help the poor countries?

What is the best way to help the poor countries?
By Aleksandar Milenkovic

Poverty in countries around the world is no joke and first world or “rich” countries are trying to prevent this by donating money. One thing we all know is that money isn’t everything, however we still need it to survive.

Resources needed to help developing countries include land to grow crops. We also need clean water, also used for other purposes, such as to drink. Shelter and clothing must be provided to keep people comfortable and healthy. We also need electricity and animals (livestock). Without these they will starve and maybe die.

Secondly, for a country to develop we need schools, hospitals and clean water facilities to sustain the wellbeing of children and adults. They may be healthy but violence is another part of everyday life. To prevent this we need the police force, fire brigade and ambulances. Roads may be needed for quick access to various locations.

All of these things are needed but they won’t serve themselves. People such as agricultural farmers are needed at farms. Electricians, builder’s engineers and plumbers are also crucial to build better facilities. Doctors and nurses may be needed in a village or suburb to help people, and we also need police, firemen, paramedics and teachers to protect and educate civilians. We may need a mechanic after a car or tractor comes into the village but most important thing is we need a population.

As you can see we need a LOT of things to help developing countries and to keep them out of disastrous problems but we can still help. One thing we have learned is that we are lucky to live in Australia and that money isn’t everything!!

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