A bad day boating

A bad day boating
By Gregory

“Pant, Pant, Pant,” Mathew had just come back from his peaceful, quiet and tiring morning jog. He was so sweaty that he made a puddle whenever he stopped. Mathew lived up on the hills near the beach. Nobody lived there apart from him. That was why he loved his morning jogs. He disliked lots of things, but worst of all, his nephew Danni. He didn’t like him because he talked too much. Danni’s hair was black as a road and Mathews hair was as brown as a bear.

Mathew was 50 and Danni was 25. They both loved boats. Really big boats. The type of boat that when you see it from close up, it looks like a mountain.

Once the holidays started Danni came over to talk about boats.  One time Danni got the surprise of his life when Mathew told him that he got a new boat with a chef and a captain. Mathew asked if Danni wanted to go on a ride with him.

On the day they were leaving Danni was up and already at Mathew’s house by 6am. Mathew was still sleeping so he went in quietly through an open window and went to Mathew’s bedroom. Mathew woke up to see a smiling face looking at him. Danni’s face was so close that Danni’s sweat was pouring on Mathew’s. Mathew got so scared that he fell out of bed.

“Come on let’s go,” Danni cried.

“OK,” grunted Mathew, and off they went.

When they got on, Danni heard something and it sounded like a moving camera. But Mathew told him that it was just the chef cooking for them. “I’m not hungry,” said Danni. So Danni went to the lounge area and leaned over the edge, whilst Mathew went to have lunch. After a while it began to get really windy and some chairs went flying as if there was a tornado. Then suddenly a red chair went flying and hit Danni on the head and Danni fell off the boat.

About 20 minutes later Mathew came out to check on Danni but he couldn’t find him. Mathew searched everywhere. Then he thought maybe Danni fell off the boat. He looked over the edge and saw an unlaced shoe and a red chair. “Oh no,” Mathew said in a panicked way. He ran to the captain and told him to go back.

When they arrived back at shore he ran straight to Danni’s house to see if he was there, but he wasn’t. Then, as he was going from house to house he found a newspaper and on the front cover it said: “Johnson gives canoe company’s money.” It had a picture of Mathew pushing Danni off the boat. Next to it had a picture with Danni and a man who happened to be his dad. Mathew ran over to his dad’s house to find Danni and some news writers. Mathew walked up to the news writers and told them to meet him in court.

30 minutes later they come out with crying news writers because they had lost their jobs.

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