My Dog

My Dog
By Georgie

My dog’s name is Roxy and her colour is white. Her floppy ears are brown. She’s very funny when we wash her. It’s like she’s rubbing her shoulder. She is also very playful. I’m very, very happy to get one.

In October, I was hoping to get my dog because I’ve never had one before. My Dad did not want one but Mum and I wanted one. My mum kept on talking and I’m not sure why but my dad said yes because my mum convinced him.

When I got home from my friend’s house my mum came up to me and said “Daddy said yes!” I bolted to my bedroom and celebrated.

Jax likes me a lot. Every time we let him over, he always comes to me. We have a doggy flap. We let Jax come over a lot of times.

Roxy is very smart with training. We take Roxy for drives and walks a lot of times. She gets very happy when she comes inside.

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