Disastrous Ducky Danger

Disastrous Ducky Danger
By Sin Yee

It was hot and sticky. Ducky was exploring the emerald, shady jungle, with his smokey coloured hat and bulky black, binoculars. The place was peaceful, containing millions of animals in many shapes and sizes. The gigantic trees towering over made you feel like you were looking up at Eureka Skydeck. “Wow!’ remarked Ducky cutting through the over-grown plants.

‘Crack!’ Suddenly, Ducky was grabbed by his orange webbed-feet! “Quack! Let me go!” screamed Ducky at the top of his lungs! ‘Fwip!’ A giant net surrounded him, he was TRAPPED! The more he struggled, the tighter the net got, he felt like a tiny helpless fly in a spider’s web. All of a sudden, everything was silent, like the ‘Witching Hour’… until Ducky heard a loud rustle in the bushes. “What was that?” gasped Ducky. He was so frightened that he felt like he was going to faint right there in the tight net.

“Hello … delicious, feathery duck!” drooled the animal hidden in the thick bushes. “Guess who?”

“Mummy duck?

“WRONG!” roared the animal. “I’m the ferocious tiger, king of the jungle!” boasted the tiger proudly. “And I haven’t eaten in three, long days. You’ll be a beautiful treat”, smiled the Tiger slyly.

‘Pluck!’ “Yeow!!!” screamed the helpless yellow duck. His scream echoed through the whole jungle.

“Oh, you’re a noisy duck, aren’t you? Let’s do that again!” laughed the evil animal. ‘Pluck two.”

“Stop right there you ugly beast! No one hurts our feathery friends” quacked one duck.

“Yeah.” quacked another. You’ll pay for this!”

“QUACK!” screamed the leader.

“Huh?” cried the confused tiger.

Suddenly, a wave of about a thousand identical blue ducks charged towards the confused tiger, screaming mean insults at him.

“I’m not fat or ugly, I’m beautiful!” retorted the hungry tiger. After thirty seconds, he couldn’t take it anymore as he was a sensitive animal. His head felt dizzy and he thought it might explode like a volcano! “NO! Go away you ugly ducks!” the tiger roared and sprinted away as fast as he could.

After all the commotion was over, the tiny blue ducks cautiously waddled over to the net and used their sharp, yellow beaks to cut open the net.

“Thank you so much my ducky friends, you saved me!” yelled Ducky giving himself a stretch. “No worries! But… you’re HUGE!” smiled the ducks.

Yes, I am huge. Because you rescued me, let’s be the BEST-EST BUDDIES EVER!” exclaimed the excited, yellow duck!

Everyone was so excited and noisy that you couldn’t hear yourself think, even if you were 5 miles away!

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