The Park in Winter by Chiara

Stepping onto the path, watching the icy cold snow fall, along with the howling winds. The young families, riding through the park on their ‘Mongoose’ bikes. The pitter-patter of the rain, landing on the shoulders of trespassers, as if to tell them to ‘Get Out!’ The Labradors and German Shepherds, sniffing and barking, leaving a pile of bad-smelling, chocolate brown droppings as they stroll away. The cold weather, letting down the relaxed feeling of the park. The bare trees, infesting and polluting the area. The scent of ‘just mowed’ lawn, making it seem like the only green thing left in the freezing strip of white and brown. Little children and their friends sliding down slides and swinging on monkey-bars.
The calm, naked, snow-covered, drab, weird-smelling, family friendly park in winter… COULD NEVER BE BETTER!

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