Super Frog the Hero by Felicity

Once upon a time, there lived an old frog named Super Frog. He loved that name and he liked his house. His house looked like a super hero’s house.

He was reading his favourite book. It was called The Super Hero book, and when he was about to read another page, someone knocked on the door. He opened the door. There was a frog and he said I need you Super Frog. Super frog asked why, and he said, “Because there is a child saying help and we need you to save them.”

Super frog said, “Yes, I will save them.” He marched and saw that the children were saying help. They said we’re stuck on the tower. He jumped but he didn’t make it. He was sad, but when he got home he had an idea. He said, “I’m going to the city”, and that’s what he did.

When he got to the city, he got out his trampoline and found a big tower. He jumped on the trampoline and he bounced and made it and he was happy.

Then he went back where the children were. When he got there, he got his trampoline and he bounced and he made it. He was so happy that he went back home.


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One comment on “Super Frog the Hero by Felicity

  1. Cathy on said:

    Hi Felicity, I shared your story with my Friday class at Hawthorn and we all loved it especially the drawing which is fabulous. Well done from Chiara, Lucy and Jojo.

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