The Danger of the Asparagus Monkey Tribe by Cooper

The Tree Rat Tribe sprung their way deep into the forest. As they got into the forest it started to rain ponderously. So they started to build a hut for them to sleep in over the night.

They heard a noise, it sounded like a screaming monkey. Then one of the members shouted out, “The Asparagus Monkeys are coming. Arrrrr!!”

Everyone got their weapons and hid immediately in the bush and waited. A dead silence … and the only thing you could hear were the monkeys screaming as they came towards us.

“The ireful monkeys are here,” whispered Pudgy. “On my count of 3 we attack. 1, 2, 3 … Attack!!” yelled Pudgy.

Everyone threw their spears and launched their arrows. The monkey had sticks of fire so the lit lots of the rats on fire. They all ran to the pond, but most of them didn’t make it. Many of the Tree Rat Tribe died. The ones that lived ran to the bush. After an hour of running they finally found another tribe.

That night they got a good night’s sleep and couldn’t wait for the next day. The two monkeys woke up with a yawn and went outside. The sky was as dark as coal, as if there had been a bushfire. The two Asparagus Monkeys wanted to explore the forest.

As they ran into the forest, right there in front of them was the Asparagus Monkey Tribe. They screeched out “THEY’RE HERE!”

Everyone got all their weapons and fired at the tribe, but there were too many of them. So Master Chong called on his radio headset that he needed help desperately. In seconds there were millions of Tree Rats standing over the mountain as they charged down it.

They threw their spears and launched their arrows and in seconds the monkeys were defeated. After a while they had a funeral for the rats that didn’t survive the dreadful war. 10 minutes later they had a party. Then Master Chong announced that “Today is National Tree Rat Day!” Everyone was cheering, waving their flags and were so thrilled!!!!!!!!

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