Leafy Stick Insects by Lucy Vogel

What you need before you buy your insects is to make sure you have a mesh cage that they can breathe out of (they prefer vertical mesh). You will also need a sprayer, vases or tall cups to hold the leaves and a wattle tree, eucalyptus tree or rose bush near your house to feed them.

  1. How to look after you Leafy Stick Insect

    You need to spray the leaves two or three times a day with water to keep them moist. Change the leaves in the cups once a week.

  2. What they eat

    Leafy Stick Insects decide what they are going to eat after they leave the ant nest. They find the nearest rose bush or wattle or eucalyptus tree to live in and eat from. Once they have chosen a type of tree to live in, they won’t eat anything else. If you feed them wattle or rose they will turn green, but if you feed them eucalyptus, they will turn brown.

  3. Hatching

    When the mother lays the eggs, she flicks the egg somewhere near an ants’ nest. An ant finds the egg and takes it back to the nest. Then the ant eats the little round knob at the end. In two years, the egg will hatch and leave the nest.

  4. Lifespan

    Leafy stick insects take two years to hatch because once the ant eats the knob, the egg starts to weaken and the insect is able to break through.

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