The Park in Winter by Joanna Steedman

“Camilla, don’t run too fast in the park”, says Mum to me, but I don’t take any notice! I run as fast as I can. When I get to the park, all of these amazing thoughts come to mind. Look at all the crunchy leaves, they look like corn flakes and the park smells of roses. I can hear all the amazing Indian Minors chirping. It feels like there’s no one else on earth. I feel free and wild!

So, I jump on a swing and go as far as I can go, then I jump and in mid-air, I feel an adrenalin rush. As I land I feel as though I can do anything, so I climb a tree. When I reach the top, I feel scared but I know I can do it. So I jump out of the tree and I land without a worry. I sprint around the park until I can’t go any further, then I walk fast. Home in time for dinner!

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