Little Mouse by Felicity

Deep in the jungle there were lions, leopards, monkeys, birds and the little mouse. Then one big morning in the hot jungle the animals had a meeting. When they were waiting little mouse couldn’t see.

“Because Leopard was right in front of me”, said Little Mouse. Then he had a great idea! “I will be polite”, he said.

So he pulled Leopards’ tail and when he saw Little Mouse he ignored Little Mouse. Then when Little Mouse was about to say one thing, “BANG!!” Leopard whacked his tail at Little Mouse’s head. Then he flew through the air and landed in a bushy branch. “OUCH!”, he said.

After that he heard some laughing back at the meeting. The Lion King came out of his cave and said “ROOAAARRR!! It’s very nice to see you all at the meeting … Wait, where’s Little Mouse?”

Leopard said “Little Mouse was saying something about flying through the air.” Then everybody at the meeting laughed and laughed, except Lion.

Way back in the jungle Little Mouse was looking around to see who was laughing, and saw it was the bird pecking twins. They were laughing because they were pecking themselves and it was ticklish.

He then had a great idea. Little mouse asked the Pecking Twins for some help – a secret idea. Back at the meeting when Lion was about to roar, a loud screech came from the Pecking Twins with Little Mouse on their backs. The animals at the meeting all ran away.

Then Lion asked Little Mouse if he could tell a story about the smart little mouse and Little Mouse said “YES!”











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