Violence is Never the Answer by Jack Wilson

Adam was a killer. I say ‘was’ because on December 14th 2012 after he had shot 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary school in America he turned the gun on himself.

On the 13th of May I could not sleep so then I got up. I was allowed to stay up for a while to watch ’4 Corners’ on TV. The show was about the shootings at Sandy Hook and the thing that caught my attention was all the shootings in America and how there were so many deaths. Mum and Dad explained to me the things I did not understand so that I understood them. Mum and Dad have always told me that I can make a difference in life so the next day I got up early and wrote to President Barack Obama to tell him my thoughts.

This is what I wrote.

“Dear President Obama,

My name is Jack Wilson and I am 10 years old. Last night I watched a program about the shootings at ‘Sandy Hook Elementary School’ in America with my parents. I am so concerned that kids growing up in America don’t feel safe like I do here. Do you know that I ride to school and feel safe? My school has a ‘sign in ‘ process for all visitors but there is just no need for high locked gates that might not work. The problem is the gun laws. We have strict gun laws here and it is just not in our thinking to pick up a gun and shoot someone. I am concerned that guns are part of life in America and it doesn’t have to be that way.


Thank you for your time and I hope my wish comes true.


Jack Wilson
Melbourne, Australia


I received an automatic response back and I get ‘The White House ‘ updates all the time now.

I wrote to President Obama because I am shocked that at Sandy Hook a teacher was shot trying to save her class. She was standing in the middle of her class and the gunman. She was shot right in front of all her class just trying to defend them. Why was she put in this position?

He could not have done it if his mum did not have three guns under her bed and cupboard.

Adam had a hard time when he was growing up because he was bullied and he had to move schools many times. His parents also were divorced and that was another setback to him but just another bad thing going wrong in his life.

At the age of about 14 Adam was getting to know a teacher very well which was unusual for him. Then he moved schools again so  he had to start all over again.

Adam had an obsession of playing violent video games on his wii or X-box. From a very early age Adam saw guns everywhere and then it started to be a common every day thing for him to be involved with. Like a bike is to me guns were a normal part of life for Adam and thousands of others. Adam was encouraged to go to shooting ranges as a normal activity on the weekend. Gun laws in America make this normal.

In conclusion Adam was a sad kid and many things went wrong in his life. If there were no guns that Adam could get his hands on in the first place, then the shooting of 26 people and Adam would not have happened.

My one wish is that Barack Obama listens to my letter and then eventually America feels safer like I do.


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One comment on “Violence is Never the Answer by Jack Wilson

  1. Cathy on said:

    Hi Jack,
    I was incredibly moved by your letter to President Obama and by your thoughts on the very sad life of ‘Adam’. You have shown amazing insight into what is a very complex problem. Congratulations on a very impressive and thought-provoking piece of writing. I share your wish for a safer world for everyone. Well done!

    Cathy Freeling
    (Edworks Tutor).

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