‘The Vengeance’ by William Lay

‘The Vengeance’ stands proudly in the entrance to his castle dressed in metallic blue and black armour, glistening red chains wrapped around his chest.

His choice of weapons are the phoenix blaster; a gun powerful enough to blast titanium plates used to defend most enemies. For added protection he has the vengeance sphere; a sharp, deadly blade forged from a meteor. He also carries two black thorn back blades, strong enough to slice open diamonds, and two extendible hidden blades that project from his armour.

On his back The Vengeance has glowing wings made from shards of a rare crystal encased in chrome-plated metal. The wings crystal powers enable him to move at almost the speed of light. He has the hood of an assassin that increases his sense of hearing and psychic hearing, vital for his defence.

The Vengeance comes from a line of assassins giving him animal powers of the wolf and bear. The wolf can make him turn invisible for a limited time. He can also summon on three invisible wolves to come to his aid. The power of the bear gives him unbelievable strength. These special powers, however, come at a price – the more he uses them, ultimately the weaker he becomes.

Psychic abilities give The Vengeance a distinct advantage over any potential enemy. He can teleport, read minds, control minds, move objects and remove memories. Of course, like all super-heroes, The Vengeance has his Achilles, whereby any psychic attacks upon him, renders his own psychic powers inert.

He stands as the most powerful being in the universe. He will always fight to the death for the good of mankind and to maintain the order of his beloved assassins.

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One comment on “‘The Vengeance’ by William Lay

  1. A fantastic piece William! I’m glad The Vengeance is on our team!!

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