The Magic Monkey by Lachlan Wong

BANG! CLASH! OH-OH-AH-AH-AH! Those were the noises that woke Bob up at four o’clock. Bob had been in a deep sleep until those noises stampeded into his thoughts. He was about to go back to sleep when…CLANG! BONG! MUNCH, MUNCH, MUNCH! The noises occurred again. This was way too much for Bob, so he decided to go and find out what was making the annoying noises.

Bob crept downstairs, through the lounge and opened the kitchen door slowly. After opening the door the light almost blinded him! It took Bob a while to adjust to the light when he saw a monkey making a mess of his kitchen and a machine that seemed to fire bananas!

Splat, splat, splat, splat, splat went the banana machine gun as it fired continuously. Bob had never had a pet before but he was keen to have one.

“Flur, blur a goo goo go”, said Bob as he tried to communicate with the monkey.

“Aha a a bloo ga do gee”, screamed the monkey as he went berserk.

The monkey charged up to Bob’s face and gave him a big, slobbering kiss. Surprisingly, he was a good kisser! Bob decided to give him a name.

“I’ll call you Tim.”




“Tim! It’s Tim!”


Bob gave up.

“Let’s get you to bed.” Bob said wearily.

So he carried Tim to bed.

Before Bob knew it, however, Tim was trashing the place yet again. Bob decided to settle Tim down by playing board games. Bob wanted to play Monopoly but Tim not surprisingly, wanted to play Falling Monkeys. They had different opinions. They would have settled this by a “rock, paper, scissors” contest but Tim didn’t know how to play. So they had a staring contest. Tim was very good at concentrating; he eventually won the contest and played Falling Monkeys until dawn. Then they went to sleep.

Bob slept in. He expected Tim to be making a portal to get bananas from outer space. However, when Bob got up, he realised TIM WAS MISSING! Bob searched all over the house for Tim and found the door open with slobber marks and hair all over the hallway.

“Tim wouldn’t do that much damage”, thought Bob. “He must have been kidnapped!”

So he put on his coat and run out of the door. Bob decided he should follow Tim’s hair and slobber by foot; he didn’t want to get caught in traffic. After all, this was an emergency! It was after about an hour that Bob came across a door with slobber all over it. It was a church. Bob crept in slowly and hid behind a bench. He peeped up and saw Tim chained to a chair. There was a hooded man with a sword to Tim’s neck.

“Make me a brainwashing chair, or else…” demanded the kidnapper.

Tim shook his head in distress. The kidnapper pushed his sword deeper into Tim’s throat.

Bob couldn’t bear to see his pet die now. So he snatched a stone sword from a statue, sprinted to the kidnapper and bashed the sword from his hand. Bob snapped the sword in half and was about to slice the kidnapper’s head off when he realised he only had the hilt! The hilt is only the handle; the rest was rubble because Bob’s sword had been made of stone not metal!

Bob headed for the belltower with the kidnapper following. As soon as they reached the top they picked up metal sticks and fought to the death. Bob managed to get the kidnapper to the edge. Then, with a mighty kick, the kidnapper plunged off the tower.

Bob rushed downstairs to free Tim. He managed to get Tim unchained and they became mates forever. Although it is a strange relationship!

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