The Lighthouse of Almadoa by Angus Jones

The Lighthouse of Almadoa

The Lighthouse was built by the Ptolemaic Kingdom between 280 and 247bc. It took 12 years to finish the lighthouse, it was between 120 and 137 meters tall. It was also called the Pharos of Alexandria and one of the seven ancient wonders. It was one of the tallest man made structures for many centuries. It was badly damaged in the earthquake of 956, and then again in 1303 and 1323. The two earthquakes in 1303 and 1323 damaged the lighthouse to the limit of collapsing, the Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta reported the lighthouse to be no longer enterable. It was built out of a light coloured stone and held together by molten lead. It was made out of three stages, a lower square section, a middle octagonal section and at the top a circular section. It then disappeared in 1480bc, this made it the third longest surviving of the seven ancient wonders.

In 796bc the lighthouse may have lost its upper tier. In 1480 the remaining blocks were used to build on the site of the lighthouse.


At the beginning of it all in 332bc Alexander the great founded the city Alexandria.
Alexander died of fever at the age of 32. The first Ptolemy announced himself king in 305bc, after the death of Alexander he started building the lighthouse of Alexandria. It took 12 years to finish the lighthouse and it finished in the reign of his son.

The Lighthouse Today
In 1994 French archaeologists discovered some remains of the lighthouse near Alexandria’s eastern harbour.

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