World Cup Fever! A sports report by Deylan Razmara

The FIFA World Cup is a soccer/football tournament held every four years. The World Cup was held in Brazil and 32 countries competed. The previous World Cup was held in South Africa and Spain beat Holland/Netherlands in the final.

Most people expected the semi-finalists to be Brazil, Germany, Spain and Holland and people thought that Italy would win Group D and guess what happened? Costa Rica won group D and Spain was eliminated in the first round! Costa Rica ended up making it into the quarter finals. Columbia ended up doing very well too. In the semi-finals, Brazil lost to Germany 7-1! In Group F, Iran held Argentina to 0-0 until the last minute then Argentina scored.

The teams that qualified for the quarter finals were Belgium, France, Costa Rica, Columbia, Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina and Germany. In the quarter finals, Argentina beat Belgium 1-0, Germany beat France 1-0, Netherlands beat Costa Rica in a penalty shoot out after a 0-0 draw and in the final game of the quarter finals, Brazil beat Columbia 2-1. Brazil, Germany, Argentina and Netherlands qualified for the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals (as you’ve already heard), Brazil lost to Germany 7-1. Many people say it was due to Brazil’s star player Neymar Jr and arguably their best defender, Thiago Silva not playing due to injury and suspension. This was probably the best game of the tournament. The third place playoff between Netherlands and Brazil was at 6 in the morning AEST and I was in Phillip Island at the time. Basically every Brazilian was in one of their worst moods ever and that was to get even worse! Netherlands ended up winning 3-0 so Brazil ended up 4th and Netherlands ended up 3rd. I don’t think anyone was surprised because all the Brazilian players’ self esteem was probably the lowest it’s ever been!

The final was definitely the most looked forward to game of the entire tournament. There were many chances but after 90 minutes it was still 0-0. With seven minutes of extra time left, Germany scored. Mario Goetze was the goal scorer and probably every German went crazy and every Argentinean started crying! Germany won the 2014 World Cup!!  The Golden Boot (top scorer) went to Lionel Messi and the Golden Glove (best goalkeeper) went to Manual Nueur. I think Germany deserved to win. I was supporting Iran, England and Australia.

Australia’s performance was pretty good if you look at how they played but if you look at the scores, they did terribly. They lost 3-1 to Chile, they lost 3-2 to the Netherlands and they lost 3-0 to Spain. Tim Cahill also scored one of the best goals of the whole tournament. For a period of the Australia vs Netherlands game, Australia was winning  2-1 but then Netherlands scored  2 goals.

The next two World Cups will be in Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022. I think better planning is needed for the next World Cup. In 2022 I might travel to Qatar for the World Cup as a celebration for my good VCE (hopefully)!

This is sports reporter Deylan Razmara signing off and see me in four year’s time.

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