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Edworks was founded in 1990 by psychologist and educational consultant, Greg Nicholson, Grad Dip App Psych (Hons), B Ed (Psych), Dip Tchg.

Against a sound background of experience in education and psychology, Greg has played key roles in a number of academic and youth welfare programs including The Sir Edward Dunlop Program of which he was Chairman, and the Ardoch Youth Foundation.

Greg believes that if education is to be universally relevant, it should both stimulate and nurture student personal growth as it prepares them to meet the challenges of a dynamic and increasingly complex future. For an expansion of Greg’s comments on Edworks’ progressive teaching methods, please see ‘A word to parents and guardians’.

The Edworks team comprises a dedicated group of professional men and women committed to offering its students the very best in progressive education. Team members are carefully selected and trained in the Edworks’ philosophy. All team members are fully qualified, experienced and, importantly, are passionate about their work.

To learn more about Edworks, visit www.edworksglobal.com.

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  1. Hugo on said:

    Had a great time at Edworks!
    Won student of the week!

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